Nnwd my book backup drive 2tb not recognized

I used it as a backup device for some important files for me. Wd my book essential 2tb corrupted and not recognized. When we plug it in via usb, i see the following when running dmesg. What is the point of buying an external hard drive to back up your files if it breaks after 20 months and now you have to pay a third party to retrieve your data.

Wont power up ive stripped out the hdd its a wd10eacs 3. Western digital external hard disk drives for sale ebay. Ive saved quite a lot of important files inside the drive. When we shut the computer off, then power it back up, the western digital drive no longer appears. The 1tb hard drive size of this seagate backup plus 1tb usb 3. My backup external hard drive does not show up on my computer. I bought the 2 tb external harddrive passport and used it once on my desktop to back up photos and videos from older phones and disks. It is detected in addremove hardware but i did have to install the ses driver from wd when the default driver did not work and showed a yellow question mark. Western digital 2 tb my book mirror external hard drive. Backup drive has not enough space when trying to make an image backup i get not enough space on drive although it is a blank drive with 75 gb. Find low everyday prices and buy online for delivery or instore pickup. Mar 01, 2012 andrew robinson evaluated the performance of the western digital my book live 1 tb networked drive.

I dont know what reasons have made the drive not responding, and neither i know any solutions. Wd elements 2 tb not recognized in windows 10 wd community. Backup exec 2012 backing up to removable drives vox. Wd my passport external hard drive will not boot up. This caused an issue as i needed windows 10 to recognize my passport to do a backup. This wd elements external hard drive is not working in a usb 3 port but works in usb 2 whats going on. I have a wd 2 tb elements drive, which worked perfectly some 3 weeks ago. Wd my book not recognized at start up july 2007 forums cnet. Is western digital going to release drives for this fix or something in the near future.

Wd my book essential 2tb corrupted and not recognized initialized. Onthego backup for your computer and social networks. Problem with acronis backing up to wd my book 2tb wilders. Cant backup computer to wd passport because not enough. Get the best deals on western digital external hard disk drives and find everything youll need to improve your home office setup at. The western digital 6tb my book external hard drive makes it easy to store and backup your critical files. In shooting another video for call that geek, i found that my wd passport not recognized in the system. Ordered a similar model, wd 4tb my book desktop external hard drive usb 3. Ive been hacking around this problem for a week now, but i made it. Does anyone know of a free or cheap program that will copy the contents of the nas to the usb.

After installing the western digital 2tb external hard drive and having followed the instructions provided, the hard drive was a huge disappointment. My older wd 2t my book works with my older sony bd player so as the older one fills up, i got another of what i thought was the same model. Those were wd drives, replaced them with this model only because i ran out of space. Compatible with windows xp, windows vista, windows 7, windows 8. In addition to simplifying the backup process for both windows and mac computers, this hard drive features 256bit aes hardware encryption to. According to viceversa, my g drive had 6,726 files and folders, but my f drive had only 6,720 files and folders. If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the faq by clicking the link above. Wd smartware pro backup software and acronis true image systemlevel backup software. Basically i have 2 drives on my computer that add up to around 1. The next time its best to shutdown the computer so it forces the saving of the files. Show all hidden devices to make wd external hard drive recognized by the pc 1.

The rest of the message states, the last usb device you connected to this computer malfunctioned and windows does not recognize it. Wd elements external hard drive not working usb 3 fix. However, when looking at the missing files the ones my g drive had but my f drive did not have, they were all insignificant files to my knowledge and included the following. Also, everything else i plug into all 4 of my usb ports works except the wd my book 3 tb external hard drive. I do see both drives on the initial screen after i turn on the pc the correct drive and its capacity, but once i go into bios or windows only one of them is there.

I removed the 2tb drive to use in my dlink enclosure and placed a wd 1tb drive in the my book enclosure but windows does not detect it in explorer or disk management. The plug n play design makes the drive easy to use. I have tried 5 different computers and none of them recognize the device. As to fixing this youll need to get a file recover app to hopefully knit back together the directory services which are corrupted on the disk. This hard drive is part of the my book essential group and has a ton of awesome features. When i plugged it, there the laptop recognized that there is a new device and tried to find the proper driver for it. Click apply changes to create a custom backup plan and refresh the content gauge for your my book drive. The unit was simple and easy to operate, but perhaps it was a little too simple. The hd would not always boot up and had to be reinstalled to use it. Learn how to restore data from failed wd passport hard drive. Major problems copying files to a new my book 8tb wd external. I want to back up the nas to the usb drive automatically but the software that comes with the my cloud wont do that. Wd my book not initialized unallocated windows 7 help forums.

I put the drive into the second sata bay of my clevo laptop and windows disk manager showed it was recognized as a drive but could not register or access any volumes. Fix wd external hard drive not workingrecognizedshowing. This way applied to the situation that your wd hard drive shows as not initialized disk when you open disk management. Hi all, i have a 4 tb hard drive that i use to back up my office pc. From what i can tell, the enclosure houses two separate 500gb drives.

How to solve my wd hard drive not recognized in windows 10. Western digital my book essential 2 terabyte usb 2. Locate the wd hard drive that going to be initialized and right click it. Unlike some other people with this problem, my hard drive isnt showing up on my pc windows 7 or my husbands macbook air, and although it has a flashing blue light when plugged in, it isnt making that spinning sound, which has me worried it might be a gonner. After i updated ive been getting a lot of bugs and extreme lag.

We use the western digital my book 2tb mirror edition usb drive configured in raid 1 mirroring, which essentially gives us a 1tb drive that is automatically backed up. I had 2 2tb drives used for backup, each an exact mirror of the other. View and download western digital my book user manual online. Wd external hard drive not recognized windows 7 help forums. Equipped with wd backup software for windows and apple time machine compatibility for mac, the my book desktop hard drive can back up your photos, videos, music, and documents. Nope, this one is different and is intended solely for storage and not for portable usage. My book not detected external drives for pc wd community. My computer and my laptop and my office computer recognizes my book for about 5 seconds and then dosent for 5 seconds then does etc etc etc. Wd mypassport ultra 2tb does not mount but passes all tests. I have a 2tb wd my cloud nas and a 3 tb wd my book usb drive. Ps4 external hard drive not recognized not working fixed. Wd 10tb my book pro dual drive thunderbolt2 raid storage.

Now my mac does not recognize the drive i can see it in disk utility but cannot do anything with it. Jul 11, 2007 wd my book not recognized at start up. If yes, then read here to recover data from wd passport external hard drive that has been failed due to file system corruption, logical errors, etc using western digital recovery tool. May 27, 2002 hey experts, i think i may have made a mistake. Sep 02, 2014 hi, my first post here i really need some help i purchased a new wd my book 4tb and have all my videos and pictures on this drive i have always disconnected the drive properly but tonight when i. And the disk player does not recognize it or its file system anyway. What good is a backup drive if your backup drive fails. My wd external hard drive just suddenly stopped being recognized by my computer while i was watching a movie. Usb drive not initialized and unallocated hello, i have an external usb drive with a lot of data on it. Why is my wd external hard drive suddenly no longer. The light still comes on and it doesnt make any clicking noise, but it just doesnt show up on my computer anymore.

It works on my gf laptop that runs windows 7, so i know its not the drive itself. I would click on the drive in my computer, enter my hd password and the drive would open up with all my folders, etc. My book pro is wd s fastest desktop storage device with 10tb and up to 435 mbs data transfer rate. I am trying to get our linux machines to recognize a new western digital my book 1tb external drive. Password protection the my book drive s builtin 256bit aes hardware encryption with wd security tools helps keep your content private and safe. Make offer western digital my book 2tb external hard drive wdbfjk0020hbk04. Fix wd external hard drive not recognizedworking with. Backup your stuff anytime with the seagate backup plus slim portable drive. Click start backup to begin backing up the selected categories of files and skip step 8 on page 35. Why isnt my wd my book external hard drive being recognized. I plugged it 2 days back to my windows 10 x64 machine, and do whatever i may, it didnt show up in the my pc. I then have to restart my pc a bunch of times to get the wd unlocker to come up again. Usb device not recognized external drives for pc wd. I have an my book from western digital i used it once for time machine backup, now under windows the hard drive is not recognized and theres no way to format it since it not recognized by windows.

Why your new 2tb or 3tb drive will not work with windows backup. With be 2010 r3 we had problems with the dirves going offline, but customer training took care of that. Ive tried initializing it, but it keeps saying the media is write protected and wouldnt let me. Usb ports are working on my ps4, controllers charge, phone connects and charges, other storage devices connect.

Requires reformatting for mac os x operating systems. Just recently upgraded to windows 10 and my 2tb my book is nowhere to be found when hooked up. Click view in the device manager select show hidden devices. I have tried numerous power cables and usb cables all in different combinations and all i can tell is. Then you should now be able to see the wd external hard drive on your pc now. The rest of the message states, the last usb device you connected to this computer malfunctioned and windows does not recognize. The wd 2tb my book desktop storage drive securely holds large amounts of data for backup purposes or as a hard drive expansion. I am hoping that this hdd is ok when i setup this wd nas many years ago i choose within the original installation software to use it as a simple 1tb drive with no raid. Cant backup computer to wd passport because not enough space but there is. Tips for getting started with the wd my book backup drive posted on 201405 by michael milette november 16, 2016 there isnt a lot of documentation that comes in the box with the wd my book drive.

Tips for getting started with the wd my book backup drive. Windows 10 wd mybook not recognized anywhere on my dell. I mean, its possible to have my book and another external drive connected at the same time, and to try to do an acronis backup to the other drive, in which case a conflict with wd s backup software might still occur as the presence of the my book could trigger it, or some remnants of it if any are still present. But i ran into an issue right after i have connected them into my pc. Wd backup software automatically backs up all your data quietly in the background, so you dont have to do it manually. Extremly frustrated i have 2 itunes librarys and 2.

Following are the steps to install a fresh hdd to a wd we. Western digital 2tb my book essential external hard drive. T400 t500 and newer t series laptopslenovo community. Why your new 2tb or 3tb drive will not work with windows backup march 16, 2012 tim anderson 4 comments when windows vista and server 2008 were released, microsoft turned its back on tape backup. Choose initialize disk and pick one partition system between mbr and gpt. I recently bought a wd my book essentials 2tb with the intention of using it as a nas. Im not gonna brag my parents and ask them to get my hard drive fixed for a. I see a lot of the same people are having the same problem.

Hello, guys im suppose to ask a question but i am providing a solution to wd external hard drives at least for my book anyways, ive had my my book for a couple years gave up on because i couldnt figure how get stuff to save to the harddrive because it was not being recognized. We must unplug the power from the hard drive, with the computer on, then plug the power back into the hard drive, to get it to work. Dec, 2015 disk 1 is unknown, not initialized, unallocated, please help disk 1 is unknown, not initialized, unallocated plizz help i already use photorec recovery but disk capacity not correctly detected disk 1 seagate 500gb hdd. If your product is not listed above, please visit the product page. Western digital my book desktop external hard drive, 6 tb.

As long as the client went in a put the drive onlin. Firstly i could back up my ps4 and not download games to. Oct 06, 2015 wd external hard drive not recognized i have a my book essential 1tb external. Wd my book 4tb external usb crashed techspot forums. Worried of how to recover data from failed wd passport drive.

Aug 27, 2017 wd my passport external hard drive will not boot up. Problem is the wd my book premium 500 gig is not recognized as an available drive when i boot with ghost. It brings the power of dual 20gbs thunderbolt 2 ports and usb 3. I am at my wits end, searching and finding a solution to this never ending problem. Aug 25, 2019 if youre looking for a speedy, spacious and reliable backup drive, i dont believe youll find a better option than this one. Also contains files located no where else unfortunately. I took backup from my original hdd, but you can download from links in this article. Western digitals mybook drives are very convenient and popular storage options, but if the drive stops working then you might have success by giving it a quick. Buy the wd my book 4tb hard drive at a super low price. My 1tb wd external hard drive is not working on my windows 10 pc and i can do nothing to the drive since it fails to show up in this pc. We recently had an unbacked up hard drive fail and looked into getting some of our critical files recovered from the device, however the recovery company wanted more than we. In the privacy policy part of the eula, wd gives several reasons as to why and how your personal info will be. My book duo desktop raid storage wd discovery software for wd backup, wd security and wd drive utilities usbc to usbc cable usbc to usba cable ac adapter disk replacement tool quick install guide.

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