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Releases like cold summer and the perfect girl sparked a cult following, particularly in eastern europe and south america. Xeno atlas construct 2016 by xeno, released 10 june 2016 1. Blancmange blancmange started life early in 1979 as the culmination of various musical liaisons between neil arthur and stephen luscombe. Infinite light cashed checks is played live with modular synthesis system. Originating from brooklyn, new york, the band is considered to be among the. Minimal techno orientated, the album is an experimental format, modular audio search. Xeno and oaklander are a minimal electronics girlboy duo from brooklyn, ny. Sports coach sports coach is not responsible for any personal injury whether it be of mental, physical or spiritual nature. Leave it these 2 tracks were initially created as a basis for the upcoming album, but as we were working on it, we had decided that we were ready to move on. Monotone dc lola electronia, released 20 march 2010 1. Wood has one of those imposing voices that seems to envelop your.

The serfs sounds of serfdom by detriti records, released 15 january 2020 1. Liz wendelbo is french norwegian and sean mcbride is from maryland. The flavour of absinth still lingers on your tongue. Mar 07, 2019 xeno and oaklander are a minimal electronics girlboy duo from brooklyn, ny. System 3 by vector command, released 27 june 2018 1. Synthetic villains by synthetic villains, released 31 march 2020 1. Your need by kedr livanskiy, released 03 may 2019 1. Adeodat warfield ryan k sublette composer song writer keyboardist m. Originating from brooklyn, new york, the band is considered to be among the cold wave revival scene of the 2000s and 2010s. Gender work electronic pop from a partially constructed dimension r e a l 2o2o, released 03 april 2020 1. Karl kave i spent a big part of my short life with guitars, pedals, synths, drummachines and melancholy. Includes unlimited streaming via the free bandcamp app, plus. Rev dub 2 recorded in 198384, the vector command lp was joey dkaye and johhny strikes 2man synthwave outfit, postcrime. Includes highquality download in mp3, flac and more.

Name last modified size description cgibin, 20200217 21. Imitation detriti records 12 vinyl record dr014 order your copy on detriti bigcartel. Over the course of the last two decades, detroitbased duo adult. Nostalgia the followup to her hifi tropical bricolage amparo, maria usbecks new album is a spanglish synthpop exploration of the aging process, mirrorpolished and sundappled. Envejeciendo by maria usbeck, released 16 august 2019 1.

Ghostly international is a music and art company supporting work of high quality, integrity, and individuality. Tear the roots london duo kaleida return with their debut album tear the roots on lex. The wind blew in gusts and shook the windows at times the room would suddenly be lit by moonbeams the young man would thrash around while remembering the stranger no. Includes unlimited streaming of topiary via the free bandcamp app, plus highquality download in mp3, flac and. Drab majesty, genesis porridge, coil, cold cave, adult. Mnq 4 june silver demon lp by june, released 06 february 2020 1. Kaleida anglogerman london based electronica duo tear the roots, released 15 september 2017 1. The recordings have sat unreleased for over 30 years and are now available from hozac. There is only now by if i, released 28 december 2015 1. Ivan kupala new day kedr livanskiys second album, your need, is a. John foxx and the mathsmatthew dear talk beneath your dreams 5. We found ourselves ready to change the style and the sound of the music we have started working on. It is a dark progressive trancelike experience a reflection of the coming tide of resistance.

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