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This model has become more than a source of railway financing. From shenzen to hongkong very clean and efficient system. Hong kong mtr started its service since 1979, carrying about 2. As part of being a tourist in hong kong, youll also likely want to understand the metro subway system, known as the mtr. Mtr system map offline map pdf moovit has an easytodownload mtr system map map, that serves as your offline hong kong subway map while traveling. The british section of the kowlooncanton railway later the kcr east rail, a conventional railway, was opened in 1910 it was not until 1979 that a rapid transit system, the. Mtr the mtr is the subway metro of hong kong that connects most of the central part of the city, and you can even take it from hong kong island to kowloon, going underneath victoria harbor. Mtr system map racecourse che kung temple tai shui hang shek mun city one sha tin wai tin shui wai siu hong tuen mun disneyland resort line east rail line. Hongkong mtr system map personal blog of mario xiao, a. The mass transit railway mtr is a transport network in hong kong, china. It took quite a lot of research and a surprising amount of it comes from real proposals. You can search by locations, attractions or buildings, e. We have a few different hong kong mtr maps available, but well show you just this one for the purposes of this article.

Click here for a printable pdf version of the hong kong tram map. It has built a trustful relationship with its customer and partner, mtr, both in and outside of hong kong. No, hong kong has the best transport system in the world. Tram started service along the northern coast of the hong kong island in 1904. Several future projects on the mtr have been put forward by the mtr corporation to the hong kong government, with some already under construction with the rail merger with the kowlooncanton railway corporation in 2007, the combined network increased to 211. Train service,coverage, mtr stations,tourist,train frequency,service hours,first trains,last trains,customer service,fares table, mtr station facilities, mtr wifi services, mtr atm service,einstant bonus terminals,public toilets in mtr stations, mtr facilities for passengers with disabilities,facilities for visually impaired passengers,facilities for hearing impaired passengers,facilities for. A total of 160 doubledeck trams are used for the services between shau kei wan and kennedy town and around happy valley. Even during rush hour at admiralty, the hub of hong kongs legal sector, the exceedingly wide platforms easily distribute the large crowds. Mtr system map for train trip planner tml phase 1 version. Much of it is still entirely fictitious and unlikely to ever be built but here is my mtr future system map. Map not drawn modelling derivatives in c pdf to scale. See more ideas about map, hong kong map, subway map.

In its annual report released earlier this month, mtr specifically noted pdf the ongoing local public order events in hong kong and the covid19 outbreak as challenges and sources of. Mass transit railway mtr is name of rapid transit railway system in hongkong. Moovit has an easytodownload mtr system map map, that serves as your offline hong kong subway map while traveling. Hongkong mtr is the backbone of the railway system in hongkong. Hong kong mtr maps lightrail and tram maps china mike. Tick off the citys top attractions in half a day on this convenient and comprehensive sightseeing tour, which includes stops at victoria peak, stanley. It consists of all major public transportation types including rapid transit system. Hong kong mtr map shows current 10 urban metro lines, 1 light rail and the airport express with subway stations. Because i just traveled in hongkong, today i will share about hongkong mtr map. Committed and future railway projects will increase the network to over 270 kilometres 170. A map of the mtr lines and where they go in hong kong click here for a better quality pdf version of this map. They are run by mass transit railway corporation mtr together with the airport express line, light rail and four other mtr rails including east rail, west rail, ma on shan. The project started when i began to wonder what the mtr map will look like later this year when the new lines are due to open. The tiling of each station is colourcoded, the trains are airconditioned a merciful release, given the climate and wifi is freely available in all the carriages.

The ultimate hong kong travel guide for food lovers pdf. This map can be saved in your phone and its easy to share with friends. This covers all major districts in the territory, including stops at the boundary with mainland china lo wu station and lok ma chau station. Hongkong mtr system map pdf file download a printable hongkong mtr system map hongkong mtr route map hongkong subway map hongkong metro map. It does not mean to be wholly accurate but offers a roughly geographical sense of hong kong territories and the mtr system. Over 1100 metro cars delivered in hong kong 7 metro lines in operation in hong kong are equipped with. The hong kong mtr is nothing like the london tube it is supremely easy to get around the mtr and you can memorise the necessary stations quite easily. Streets in hong kong conform to the contours of the hill landscape of hong kong. Its also known to be one of the safest and most reliable railways in the world. I couldnt find an official source but i did find many speculative maps. Get the free printable map of hong kong printable tourist map or create your own tourist map. Mtr hong kong system map leave a reply cancel reply. Hong kong station is a station of the hong kong mtr metro system. These cards can be bought at any mtr station in hong kong.

Svg route map for the mtr english, the hong kong metrosubway system. The mtr in hong kong is the citys rapid transit system that consists of 155 stations. In other words, you can go to many touristy places efficiently by using the mtr. The first mode of rail transport in hong kong was the peak tram, serving the peak, the midlevels and the city centre since 1888. Hong kong tramways limited operates seven main routes along the north shore of hong kong island on a 16kilometre track. Hong kong subway map, pdf download of 2020 metro map. Train service,coverage,mtr stations,tourist,train frequency,service hours,first trains,last trains,customer service,fares table, mtr station facilities,mtr wifi services,mtr atm service,einstant bonus terminals,public toilets in mtr stations,mtr facilities for passengers with disabilities,facilities for visually impaired passengers,facilities for hearing impaired. The project started when i began to wonder what the mtr map will look like. Download hong kong tram map pdf special tourist mtr cards. The mtr was immediately popular with residents of hong kong as a result. Hong kongs subway system mass transit railway mtr is generally considered to be the best in the world.

Hong kong mtr, hong kong mtr map, hong kong subway map. Light rail,bus,light rail fare,bus fares,northwestern new territories,light rail route map,light rail schedule,light rail fare,first trains,last trains,customer service,fares table. Guide to using the mtr in hong kong with hong kong mtr map. Mrt in hongkong is called mtr mass transit railway. The hong kong mtr is very well developed and you just need octopus card to use this transportation. Guide to hong kongs railway system called the mass transit railway or well known as the mtr for getting around hong kong.

The light rail, also known as the light rail transit lrt, is a light rail system in hong kong. Tourists can use the system to enjoy all the excellent highlights and best shopping places in this unique city. You can access a lot of place including hongkong disneyland, ferry terminal, airport and even shenzhen china by just using this mtr. Once a british colonial outpost, the worldclass city of hong kong is now one of asias most popular destinations. Thankfully, hong kong offers a number of options to make public transportation much easier. Hong kong tourist map top attractions, transportation.

The whole system incorporates 53 stations and spans 91 kilometers via six subway lines island line, kwun tong line, tsuen wan line, tseung kwan o line, tung chung line, and disneyland resort line. Getting around hong kong to enjoy its worldclass attractions couldnt be easier with the quick and efficient mass transit railway mtr system. To view the downloaded map, no internet connection is required. The network of stations literally cover most of the citys urban area. The best option for riding the mtr is to buy yourself an octopus card at any mrt station for 150 hkd and then you can add more money to it as you go. What is the price of iphone 6 and iphone 6 plus in hong kong.

Passengers can enjoy all the benefits of high technology, safety, cleanliness, and fine planning. Hong kong international trade and exhibition center map 2 miles away. Of all the forms of transportation in hong kong, the mtr is the most popular and one of the most convenient ways of getting around. Find your way around hong kong and look out for points of interest in your vicinity. As seen here, its a complex and comprehensive system in its own right and is definitely too detailed to. Hong kong sheung wan central tin hau causeway bay tai koo fortress hill north point hong kong island quarry bay sai wan ho shau kei wan o.

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