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Aldermaston to london march easter 1962 campaign for nuclear disarmament 2 carthusian st ec1 main text. Ban the bomb movement walks from aldermaston to london. Filmmaker lindsay anderson, who later directed this sporting life and if. A wonderful colour record of the campaign for nuclear disarmaments 1962 aldermaston march beginning with a rally in trafalgar square and followed by the easter day march itself. Antinuclear protests began on a small scale in the u. Today, the movie elicits an unexpected shock of recognition, as it restores to view a major turning point in the politics of protest, one that clearly anticipates the 1960s and still greater upheavals to come. The label came into being in march 2012 with the expanded release of the album diving bell by oxford band sanguine hum. Its filmed record is similarly recalled as a milestone for campaigning documentary. Aldermaston is a football club based in aldermaston, berkshire, england. The company also had a hand in the making of march to aldermaston, a documentary about the first march from london to the atomic weapons establishment in aldermaston, in the county of berkshire. Protesters singing, blowing horns and carrying banners were launching the latest leg of the campaign for nuclear disarmament a 56mile easter march from. Aldermaston synonyms, aldermaston pronunciation, aldermaston translation, english dictionary definition of aldermaston.

It also still retains rights to the seminal felix greene documentaries of the. Demonstrators start out on april 15, 1960 from aldermaston, england, on 54mile banthebomb protest march to london. It is roughly equidistant from newbury, basingstoke and reading, centred 46 miles 74 km westby. Aldermaston history group study, record and share the history of the aldermaston area. In the united kingdom census 2011, the parish had a population of 1015. The last aldermaston march took place in 1963, the same year the international test ban treaty was signed, which partially banned nuclear tests. It was founded in 1955 by alan caigersmith and was known for its tinglaze pottery and particularly its lustre ware. Its filmed record is similarly recalled as a milestone for campaigning documentary this film is not currently playing on mubi but 30 other great films are. Second from right, front, is canon john collins of st. Large scale antinuclear protests first emerged in the mid1950s in japan in the wake of the march 1954 lucky dragon incident. The marches usually begin in aldermaston and end in mass demonstrations in trafalgar square in london. Aldermaston wharf is close to the railway station with good connections to paddington in london, taking 55 minutes from london paddington, or minutes from reading railway station.

A large group left the march, much against the wishes of the cnd leadership, to demonstrate at rsg 6. Unfortunately, the optimism of the 60s, where marchers sang protest songs and showed considerable solidarity. This is a fun community site for the locals of the willows and neighbouring aldermaston village including guest visitors. March 6, 2018 anthony j sargeant tony leave a comment it is a lifetime ago but in the 1950s there was a genuine fear that nuclear war could happen at any moment. In trafalgar square, on good friday, an easter crusade for nuclear disarmament. March to aldermaston march to aldermaston 1959 film.

The figure is up by 14 cases since sunday, when there were 2,226. Aldermaston march and birth of cnd the first atomic bomb was dropped by the usa on the japanese city of hiroshima on 6 august 1945. Credited only to the committee, march to aldermaston demands appreciation as the product of selfless collaboration. The first aldermaston march took place in april 1958 along the. We may be wrong, but this appears to have been an attempt to revive the famed aldermaston anti nuclear marches with a free concert tacked on as a finale.

Atomic weapons establishment awe aldermaston, berkshire, is the facility that designs, produces, and maintains components for all british nuclear warheads. The documentary includes snippets of interviews of marchers, whose explanations for participating in the march are ordinary. On the 1963 aldermaston march, a group calling itself spies for peace distributed leaflets as the march assembled about a secret government establishment, rsg 6, that the march was passing. As much a cultural as a political document, march to aldermaston captures a telling moment in british life, as a looser, more optimistic culture broke through the grim austerity of the postwar years. It is equidistant from newbury, basingstoke and reading and 45 miles 72 km west. In the 1950s europe was gripped by a very real fear of nuclear conflict and, building on the work of earlier antiwar movements, cnd was launched with a massive public meeting in london in february 1958. Esoteric recordings established in 2007 and label managed by mark powell, esoteric recordings is the home of progressive, psychedelic and classic rock, with all releases finely packaged and remastered from the best. It is roughly equidistant from newbury, basingstoke and reading and 45. The willows aldermaston village official home facebook.

Three days later a second atomic bomb was dropped on nagasaki. Memorable quotes and exchanges from movies, tv series and more. A melee of march film festivals in london londonist. The latest number of cases of covid19 has been confirmed as 2,240 in berkshire.

Aldermaston definition of aldermaston by the free dictionary. The crisp documentary shaped from the miles of raw footage is amazingly coherent. Cnd begins march to aldermaston a crowd of more than 500 people have been attending a rally in londons trafalgar square ahead of a fourday demonstration against nuclear arms. The club has played at awe aldermaston on the hampshireberkshire. Once a busy industrial canal wharf, aldermaston wharf is now a picture of tranquillity.

By most accounts, however, anderson came to dominate the film at the editing stage. Browse historical events, famous birthdays and notable deaths from mar 4, 1943 or search by date, day or keyword. Documentary about the famous antinuclear protest march. His first assistant, geoffrey eastop, joined him in 1956, a year after the pottery started. Therell be 30 events over four weeks in this festival which attempts to rehabilitate luton or cry trying perhaps.

Paul s cathedral, a member of the campaign for nuclear disarmament, which organized the fourday easter march for the third successive year. Aldermaston a small village in berkshire, west of london was the site of the awre atomic weapons research establishment. A documentary looking at the antiwar, antinuclear bomb march starting on good friday in 1958. March to aldermaston lindsay anderson, karel reisz et al. In the 2001 united kingdom census, the parish had a population of 927. August 1955 saw the first meeting of the world conference against atomic and hydrogen bombs, which had around 3,000 participants from japan and other nations. Aldermaston marches article about aldermaston marches by. I want to find out more about the bfi national archive. An important moment of expression in the nuclear disarmament movement set on record. Setting off from aldermaston we see thousands of people assembling for the event including one of the founders of cnd, canon john collins.

Shortly afterwards at easter the first aldermaston march attracted a good deal of attention and the cnd symbol appeared everywhere. The village is in the midkennet alluvial plain and bounds to hampshire in the south. The first aldermaston march was conceived by the direct action committee and took place in 1958. Committee for nuclear disarmament, but reportedly commandeered almost entirely by lindsay anderson, march to aldermaston, a record of the 1958 event, is set to vibrant music including a poignant guitarplucked rendition of when the saints go marchin in. March on film is a family run film competition festival and as we have a new member whos very little, quite loud and eats a lot.

Early defections in march to aldermaston but 2,000 still in the running by our london staff saturday 5 april 1958. They were joined in 1961 by david tipler and edgar campden, who remained there until 1975 and. High pressure will lie over the far south of the uk in the next few days, ensuring mostly settled and dry weather. And its not just narrowboats these days, increasingly aldermaston wharf is the starting point for canoe trails. With interviews with those involved and footage from the entire march, the film captures the spirit of those trying to force change for the better as they get closer to the factory in aldermaston.

Tony was just 14 at the time but he marched with his friend from school haberdashers askes chris slater. The aldermaston march committee for the first march comprised hugh brock, pat arrowsmith and michael randle from dac plus frank allaun mp and walter wolfgang from the labour hbomb campaign. March 2018 november 2018 march 2019 november 2019 my booking 0345 498 6060. From then on, cnd fell out of favour but reemerged under the chairmanship of bruce kent in the 1980s when prime minister margaret thatcher allowed new nuclear weapons to be deployed in britain by the us. Aldermaston to london march easter 1962 garland, ken v. March to aldermaston dvd march against nuclear death. Alarmed by a spiraling arms race britain had just joined the nuclear club the year before and spurning the lockstep logic. The british nuclear weapons programme, then operating under the project name high explosive research within the ministry of supply, established operations on 1. Wcml aldermaston march and birth of cnd 200 years of.

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