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Nov 05, 2015 panel vision v for vendetta, book vs film so, its november 5 th, guy fawkes day, in which we americans celebrate this holiday weve generally never heard of and dont grasp the actual meaning behind by wearing a mask we saw in a movie adapted from a comic in 2006. What is the difference between v for vendetta comic book vs. Explained when this movie came out, the novel was already a cult classic but few knew about it. All the differences between the v for vendetta graphic. So, truth be told, im not a huge fan of the alan moore graphic novel v for vendetta yeah, yeah, i know. Like in the xmen comic, wolverine whose costume changed over time is a bit of a star in the. Plus, hugo weavings performance as v is fantastic, and it features some of natalie portmans best work.

Is the v for vendetta movie better than the comic book. This column is meant largely for people whove already been through one version, and want to know how the other compares. The film version of moore and lloyds v for vendetta is worthy of mention as an interesting, and at first glance unsuccessful, adaptation of the original graphic novel. When warrior was cancelled in 1985, a number of other publishers approached writer alan moore and artist david lloyd to let them publish and complete the story. Theres a much bigger difference between the novel and the historic events that it is based on. Mar 17, 2006 the comic v for vendetta was far different from the movie and it is what i recommend reading even if you dislike this movie. As a result, major, specific spoilers for both versions abound, often including dissection of how they end. In the xmen movies, the group members wear costumes which are much darker than those in the comic books. The comic book is a comparisoncontrast of two opposite political philosophies. Differences between v for vendetta graphic novel vs movie page 1. And somehow when i read the book 1984 i kept relating the whole plot of the book to the comic book.

Why v for vendetta is the worst comic book of all time. I think finch was the desired product of vs vendetta. Evey is quite different depending on which version of v for vendetta youre looking at. Pdf examining v for vendetta film, graphic novel, and. Alan moore is a british comic book writer, one of the most prominent and acclaimed in history. There are plenty of differences between alan moores beloved. Differences between v for vendetta graphic novel vs movie page 2. The author, i think, managed to read v for vendetta without understanding a single point in the entire story. Kantor english iv 6 september 2012 v for vendetta vs. The truth is that reading v for vendetta might just leave you feeling a bit queasy, like youve just stumbled.

He is a mysterious anarchist, vigilante, and freedom fighter who is easily recognizable by his guy fawkes mask, long hair and dark clothing. Main character v is a revolutionary with big plans to take down the government, who takes on a protege, evey hammond, in an attempt. I just saw the movie today and i would like to know how significantly the movie strays from the graphic novel in terms of characters, plot development, ending, etc. Whats the difference between v for vendetta the graphic novel and v for vendetta the movie. Dec 03, 2012 the film v for vendetta is one example of an orwell inspired story. In the film, creedy and his men unleash a hail of bullets that he manages to recover from and kill them all. V is the title character of the comic book series v for vendetta, created by alan moore and david lloyd. Another comic book created by master writer alan moore, who gained fame for among other books he wrote watchmen. V for vendetta the difference between the comic and the. V for vendetta is a british graphic novel written by alan moore and illustrated by david lloyd. What is the difference between the v for vendetta comic and the. V for vendetta is alan moores graphic novel about anarchist v combating the. The movie leaves out a lot of sexuality that was incredibly dramatic.

Ive never read moores comic, so cinefixs new video essay explaining the differences between the comic and the film is right up my alley. Differences between v for vendetta graphic novel vs movie. But with five or six strips an issue, regular readers only needed two or three. I see two main differences between the two characters. Based on the graphic novel by alan moore, v imagines a british empire under totalitarian rule. In the early 80s, alan moore created one of his bestloved comics, v for vendetta. Moores book and the wachowskis film couldnt be more different, at least in intention. V for vendetta comparisoncontrast with comicspoilers. The filmmakers never denied that the political context had changed between the book and the film, as moore is a british writer, while v for vendetta is an american film, and the two works came out. The biggest one is that, in typical hollywood fashion, the good guys and bad guys are clear cut, whereas there is much more nuance to everyones intentions in the original. Apr 10, 2008 v for vendetta is a comic book written by alan moore. Nov 06, 2018 for moore, v for vendetta was about opposing thatcherism, the notion of deregulation, centralizing government, disempowering trade unions, and placing trust in the free market. Alan moore famously disassociated himself from the film version of v for. Feb 25, 2015 with kingsman the secret service out, its the perfect time to revisit kickass, the first brainchild of matthew vaughn and mark millar.

V for vendetta is a story that pits anarchism against fascism. While gardening, he grows violet carsons instead of scarlet carsons in the movie which ruth grows for valerie. In both orwells novel 1984 and the film v for vendetta the protagonists winston smith and v live in similar difficult lives with extreme and controlling governments where they try to fight against there governments for the greater cause of freedom. In the movie, there is no explanation as to how v causes the explosion. Furthermore, he seems to conflate the comic book and the movie. While both portray fascism negatively, the graphic novel leaves open whether anarchy was truly the best option. We compare the movie to the book without spoiling too much so you can see how the wachowskis altered v to fit their own agenda. What is the difference between the v for vendetta comic and. What is the difference between the v for vendetta comic. Jan 23, 2010 the comic book is longer and has alot of subplots, and is more anarchy vs. His eminent works include watchmen, from hell, v for vendetta, miracleman, tom strong, promethea, and. Today marks the release of the wachowski brothers new film, v for vendetta.

How v for vendetta predicted americas descent into fascism. And yet it reminds me of the way the police and high authorities treated civilians in the movie v for vendetta. V for vendetta is about a government who has a leader that controls everything from the media to what the people could eat. In the comic book v kills all the people at lark hill different ways, and instead of killing prothero, he drives him insane. What is the most accurate movie portrayal of a comic book hero. In 1983, alan moore wrote an article in warrior magazine called behind the painted mask, in which the scribe of v for vendetta claimed that the earliest germ of his and david lloyds seminal work of graphic fiction lived in a pitch he submitted to a scriptwriting contest run by scottish publishers d. In the comic there is a nuclear war which destroys many countries and the. However, in the comic, evey is a sixteenyearold sex worker. The first chapters of v for vendetta appeared in the british anthology comic, warrior between 1982 and 1985. George orwells 1984 and the movie v for vendetta both have similar views on how society is being run. It started publication with the first issue of dez skinns warrior way. A comparison between v for vendetta and 1984 essay 1108. How is the movie v for vendetta different from the graphic. Both the film and the book are based on totalitarian societies in which the government attempts to control as much of the peoples lives as possible.

All the differences between the v for vendetta graphic novel and film. Mar 18, 2006 how is the movie v for vendetta different from the graphic novelcomic book. In the 2006 movie adaptation of v for vendetta, lewis prothero was portrayed by roger allam. Since im always interested in resources that might make orwells important warning clear to younger people, growing up as they are in a world that is so shaped by newspeak and doublethinknow referred to as political correctnessthat his message is hard for them to hear, i watched the film. Jan 22, 2011 several students have told me that the film v for vendetta is just like 1984. In writing v for vendetta, moore drew upon a comic strip idea submission that.

In this outing for the cinefix team they have covered the classic graphic novel and movie adaptation of alan moores v for vendetta. Film is a column comparing books to the film adaptations they spawn, often discussing them on a plotpointbyplotpoint basis. Alan moore famously disassociated himself from the film version of v for vendetta. V for vendetta is a 2005 dystopian political thriller film directed by james mcteigue and written by the wachowskis, based on the 1988 dcvertigo comics limited series of the same name by alan moore and david lloyd. Im not convinced that the film is unsuccessful as an adaptation. Mar 18, 2006 today marks the release of the wachowski brothers new film, v for vendetta.

Since the book 1984 was written before v for vendetta, so perhaps v for vendetta may have based some of its ideas on this book. There was also a notion of morality and sin that moore flouted when writing about the norsefire party, the ruling fascist government in his comic series. V for vendetta video essay explains differences between comic. V for vendetta is a comic written by alan moore and drawn by david lloyd. With kingsman the secret service out, its the perfect time to revisit kickass, the first brainchild of matthew vaughn and mark millar. Film in my mind, the main difference between the movie version of v for vendetta and the graphic novel is the character of evey.

V for vendetta fans should carve out 14 minutes and check this out. In each version, evey is rescued from a fingerman the norsefire equivalent of the secret police by v because she is out after curfew. Again, we can see the difference in when these two pieces were written in. Nov 21, 2011 t he film of v for vendetta carries the following credit line. Oct 01, 2015 in his foreword to the landmark graphic novel v for vendetta, illustrator david lloyd wanted us to know that the book was not for people who switch off the television when something disturbing comes on. The fascist government is elected legally and kept in power through the general apathy of the public. Based on the graphic novel illustrated by david lloyd.

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