Fuser error 50 9 hp 3800 driver

Check that connector j5008 on the fuser motor is seated correctly. However i received when i changed the left lock levers and i reinserted the cartridges after calibration i am not getting prints on the paper but the printer is accepting all cartridges and the cartridges works fine in another hp 3600 laser printer. Fuser and maintenance kit installation instructions for the hp color laserjet 3000, 3600, 3800, cp3505, 2700 series printers. Hp customer care online services for 24hour access to updated hp printerspecific software, product information, and support information using an internet connection, go to the appropriate web site. Remove the fuser and make sure that there is no residual media or toner has built up on the fuser. This gear is common to wear out eventually resulting in popping or grinding noises. Paper could be jammed inside the fuser where it would not be visible. I tried updating the firmware but it wouldnt even detect internet connection even though it. If it doesnt go away after power downup buy a new one. Hp laserjet 3800 3600 3000 cp3505 maintenance kit and fuser installation duration. Aug 31, 2012 i have a hp 4250 lasejet printer than i am working on thanks. Check that the following connectors on the driver pca are seated correctly. The fuser is either not installed or not correctly installed in the printer. That said if the fuser is the correct one with the correct voltage, the next item would be the dc controller followed by the low voltage power supply.

Hp fuser for color laserjet 3000, 3600, 3800, cp3505. Genuine hp color laserjet cp3525dn fuser drive assembly with motor m3171 price, availability and details. Hp color laserjet 3800 fuser assembly unit 110120v 350,000. Jun 06, 2011 i have an hp color laser jet 3600n with an error message of 50. The 4200 fuser only works in a 4200 not like the 4250 which also works in the 4350. Check the paper type setting using the product menus and in the printer driver. For the hp color laserjet 3000 and 3800 series printers with an eio device only 22 embedded io buffer overflow for the hp color laserjet 3000 and 3800 series printers only 22 parallel io buffer overflow for the hp color laserjet 3000 and 3800 series printers only. Dec 15, 20 oh, yes, forgot to add, if the above doesnt solve, then you may very well have received a bad fuser.

Laser printer fusers adhere toner powder to a page using a combination of heat and pressure. Clearing the maintenance count and service message on laserjet 5si how to reset printer maintenance count on hp laserjet 5si. Genuine hp color laserjet 3600n fuser unit 110 120 volt h1454 price, availability and details. Fusing assembly for hp color laserjet 3800 laser printer. Hp color laserjet 300036003800cp3505 service manual enww. Good day all, has anyone seen these error codes, 50. Hp color laserjet 300036003800 series printers user. Turn the product power off, wait at least 30 seconds, and then turn the product power on and wait for it to initialize. I immediately turned it off and waited an hour or so. Pull the fuser straight out of the product to remove it.

Odds are higher of a bad fuser if it was a remanufactured. The following table lists common control panel messages and event codes for hp laserjet printers. Feb 03, 2007 i just got a replacement printer from hp and i am getting fuser error 50. Fuser error codes for the color laserjet 3000, 3600, 3800, 2700, cp3505 series printers. Jan 27, 20 if you are are getting a 50 fuser error and have tried everything else, replace the lowvoltage power supply. Hp color laserjet cp3505 printer series replace the fuser. The second cause is a paper jam in the area of the fuser, or a piece of unsupported media that has gotten wrapped around the fuser itself. Find support and troubleshooting info including software, drivers, and manuals for your hp color laserjet 3800n printer. I have an hp color laser jet 3600n with an error message of. It also lists descriptions of the codes and the actions recommend to resolve the errors. You will have to replace the fuser, or the printer.

Hp color laserjet cp3505 printer series software and. I checked but the printer was still printing although the fuser was down to 2\% life. To definite your curiosity, we offer the favorite hp 3800n user manual. Using partsmart products will not void your printer warranty. Hp laserjet p3010 p3015 error codes hp printer repair. These parts come from the most reputable usa based companies that manufacture their own parts with iso900114001. Best seller name lowest price highest price rating newest. It is possible and i am not sure, but the 4560 fuser may work in the 4600.

Hp color laserjet 3800 printer series choose a different product series warranty status. Hp color laserjet 3800 fuser maintenance kit oem,genuine buy fuserstoner cartridges for your hp color laserjet 3800 color laser printer. Generally this will happen when printing with transparencies on laser machines that dont support this media type. If you are in asia pacific, you will be directed to a local service center in your area. Ive had this printer for about 2 years, and suddenly the display screen is reading 50. Or, call toll free 1800 077 347 and talk with one of our friendly. Hp color laserjet 3800 fuser maintenance kit oem 110v. Hp color laserjet 300036003800 series printers user guide. We have had the hp printer for many years and it has worked fine and really is still working fine outside of the perform maintenance message on the control panel. The original fuser for the 4600 will not work in the 4650.

An attempt has been made to modify a menu item while the control panel security mechanism is enabled by the printer administrator. Printer parts for hp color laserjet 3800 partsmart. Please try all of the steps in this document, specifically for the issue. If you cannot resolve the issue, you may need to contact hp. Clearing a fuser paper jam on the hp 3600 color laserjet. Read pdf hp 3800n user manual it is coming again, the new increase that this site has. This series of printers are legendary in quality and durability. The next part to replace after that will be the low voltage power supply and we had just a few more scenarios that even after changing the. When you get to the software list page look a couple of inches under the driver listings. Ive turned it off and on, unplugged it for a day or so, opened and closed all the doors, and its still reading the same message. Replace your gear in the color laserjet 3600 3800 series printer. I will do my best to remedy your printers fuser error. Partsmart printer parts for hp color laserjet 3800 printer are engineered to meet the most stringent standards of quality and reliability. Hp rm11082090cn laserjet 4250 4350 fuser assembly mfg part number.

Make sure that it says 110v or something like 100127 vthe first step here its to replace the fuser assembly but there a few scenarios that after replacing the fuser the printer may still have the same issue. Hp laserjet pro cp1025 and cp1025nw color printer series a fuser error displays on the computer, and the printer does not print. Make sure that the connectors j18 and j1608 are fully seated on the ecu. All of our products come with 100% quality satisfaction guarantee. Oct 02, 2010 hp colorlaserjet 3800 printer, error code 59. This is hp s official website that will help automatically detect and download the correct drivers free of cost for your hp computing and printing products for windows and mac operating system. Hp color laserjet 300036003800 series printers service manual. Turn off the product, wait at least 25 minutes, and then turn on the product. Sf3770nf 1, sp3200sf 9, hp new machines, cp4025n 1.

I stumbled the same problem with hp color laserjet m452dn. Make sure that the connectors j8002 and j1505 are fully seated on the ecu, and connector j18 is fully seated on the fuser. Hp color laserjet 3800 printer series troubleshooting hp. Hp printer fuser error cleaning the fuser howto youtube. Altru print rm12763mkap deluxe maintenance kit for hp color laserjet. Tct black q6470a 501a toner cartridge for hp color laserjet 3600 3800 cp3505. Many times, although not resulting in an error 50, the upper fuser roller simply becomes worn. Canons color imageclass multifunction printers generate impressive, costeffective color documents that will help boost your company image. The fuser is under great pressure to turn and the gears can be the sacrificial part that will fail. Rm12665220cn n hp fuser hp clj 2700 3000 3600 3800 cp3505 110v cp3505dn, cp3505n, cp3505x.

If the product does not meet the power requirement of 43 to 67hz frequency, the fuser temperature control does not work, which causes a malfunction. In order for color authorization to work correctly with macintosh drivers, check or department id was removed. When i turned it on again it seemed to be ok and allowed my to connect it to my wifi and. Perfect for highvolume printing in a professional environment, this fuser kit can print up to 60,000 highquality pages per cartridge, and whether its the first printing job or the last, you can enjoy consistent quality. I talked to a hp chat last night who told me to unplug the. This hp rm12763000cn is genuine and works with the hp 3000, hp 3600, hp 3800, hp cp3505 printer series. Dec 15, 2011 i must say you instructions are very descriptive and understandable. Verify that the correct voltage fuser is installed in the product. Instructions for clearing a paper jam on the hp 3600 color laserjet printer.

Hp color laserjet 3800n printer hp customer support. Hewlett packard has become the leader in hp printer errors and the numbering. Measure the resistance between the fuser connectors j50la2 mainth and j50la1 gnd. Here at cartridge save we make your money go a lot further by bringing you a significant discount on the price of a genuine hp rm12743 fuser unit. The 50 service error message is a fuser error, which is a timeout. Hp color laserjet 3000 series printer, hp color laserjet 3800 series printer, and hp. Fineadjusted the fuser temperature setting for envelope mode to. Hp color laserjet 3000, 3600, 3800, and cp3505 cartridges. Techyv is one of the leading solution providers covering different aspects of computers and information technology. Hp color laserjet 3800 driver pc board assembly 10 in stock now. The function of fuser unit thermistor bar or halogen lamp of fuser clusters created temperatures up to 180 c for fusing toner powder. I have a 3550 and was informed by the user that there was random 50. Keep your printer running smoothly and get reliable hp performance from this genuine hp rm12764 fuser assembly unit.

Hp color laserjet printer with paper wrinkle problem. The hp 110volt fuser kit works with your hp laser printer to deliver professionallooking pages for your colorprinting needs. This hp rm11082090cn is genuine and works with the hp 4250, hp 4350 printer series. Our hp laser 4300 says perform printer maintenance on the control panel. Most image defects can be solved by replacing maintenance kits, transfer kits and original hp toner cartridges. Hp color laserjet 5550 series printer control panel messages. Also, something wrong with the answered by a verified technician.

If you still have the messages continue with next step. First make sure it is the correct fuser for that printer. Download the latest drivers, firmware, and software for your hp color laserjet cp3505 printer series. P rin t, copy a n d sc a n w ith th is ea s y to u s e, h p s sma llestin c lass colou r mf p that of fe rs t. How to fix fuser error hp laserjetp2035 printer copiers. Consumer electronic products hp 3600 3800 fuser rm12665 rm12763 rc17606 supply store. Hp laserjet 5n fuser error message external hardware. I have replaced the fuser and the issue still remains. Select printers and multifunction under the product category, select hp color laserjet printers under the product family, and then select the printer model under the product series category. Hp laserjet and color laserjet printer ghost image. Talk to the provider you purchased the fuser from have them send you a new one. I just got a replacement printer from hp and i am getting fuser error 50. Genuine hp rm12764 fuser assembly unit rm12764020cn. Unspecified check warranty status manufacturer warranty has expired see details covered under manufacturer warranty covered under extended warranty, months remaining month remaining days remaining day remaining see details.

Hp laserjet printer with dirty copies or printing dirty. Brother printers have been winning awards for years offering highquality, welldesigned printing solutions with excellent customer value. Go to contact hp customer support to schedule a product repair or replacement. Check that connector j1020 on the dc controller is seated correctly. Hp laserjet pro cp1025 and cp1025nw color printer series. Oct 31, 2016 hp laserjet 3800 3600 3000 cp3505 maintenance kit and fuser installation duration. Hp printer parts fuser film sleeve fuser assembly slon, we professional hp printer parts fuser film sleeve fuser assembly manufacturers factory. Service or replace your hp product if the issue persists after completing all the preceding steps.

Make sure that the fuser is completely seated in its slot. Hp laserjet 3800 3600 3000 cp3505 maintenance kit and. Hp colorlaserjetenterprise500mfp printer service repair manual. A multipurpose tray fo r paper, transparencies, labels, and envelopes. I ordered a new fuser unit and when arrived i installed and powered on. I received my laserjet pro m252dw today from amazon and when i plugged it in, it started bellowing out with what looked like smoke or a very fine dust cloud. We have a hardworking team of professionals in different areas that can provide you with guaranteed solutions to a blend of your problems. Feature hp color laserjet cp3505 series printer paper handling input tray 1 multipurpose tray. Dat a s h e e t hp color laserjet pro mfp m377dw st u n n in g resu lt s. How do you fix a 50 service fuser error on hp laserjet printers.

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