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This is the holy book of revelation, known as the revelation of st. Its tantalizing reputation for offering signs that predict the future attract many people. The book of revelation, also known as the book of the apocalypse, is an unveiling of jesus christ. Apr 28, 2015 the book of revelation is similar to other literature of the time thats called apocalyptic, which typically includes visions, global clashes, endoftheworld warnings, and many, many symbols. This name indicates the meaning of revelation it uncovers matters that had been hidden and discloses events that would happen long after it was written. The endless love of jesus ministries 1,196,025 views. Beales familiarity with the original language, his grasp of the culture of the day, his command of the ot references and allusions, and his deft handling of the. It does belong to a tradition of apocalyptic writing, which began in judaism in the second temple period. Librivox recording of the book of revelation, king james version. What the book of revelation has to do with you revelation is one of the most misunderstood books of the bible. Watch our overview video on the book of revelation, which breaks down the literary design of the book and its flow of thought.

The next step is to enter your payment information. For an adequate understanding of revelation, the reader must recognize that it is a distinct kind of literature. Revelation 1, new international version niv the bible app. The new jerusalem the book of revelation the great white throne judgement of jesus duration. The versebyverse commentary on revelation introduction this commentary on revelation will prove, contrary to what most people think, that the revelation, the last book of the bible, is not difficult to understand if we will take a simple, facevalue, commonsense approach to interpreting it. Starting your free trial of bible gateway plus is easy. This book was not written for us to speculate over while we put our feet up. Revelation 1, english standard version 2016 esv the bible app. John the divine, although the godgiven title is at the very beginning of the text, the revelation of jesus christ, which god.

Revelations mark of the beast exposed 22 revelations ancient. But god is working out a supreme master plan, involving every human being. With over 24 hours of teaching, this versebyverse study of the book of genesis has been one of our most soughtafter and bestselling series in the history of koinonia house. Although its visions often seem bizarre to the western reader, fortunately the book provides a number of clues for its own interpretation e. This threevolume series provides one of the most clearly decisive teachings on each chapter of this book of the bible. He made it known by sending his angel to his servant john, 2who bore witness to the word of god and to the testimony of jesus christ, even to all that he saw. The book of revelation explained by pastor allen nolan is a teaching series on how to unravel the mysteries of the book of the. Throughout this program gary covers popular views of premillennialism. Corona and the cross bible answers concerning mass deaths due to pandemics, disasters and war. The holy bible book 66 revelation kjv dramatized audio.

Truths about him and his final victory, that the rest of scripture merely allude to, become clearly visible through revelation about jesus christ see historical and theological themes. Complete overview of the book of revelation is less than 7 minutes. Visions, prophecy, and politics in the book of revelation, for the new yorker. This summary of the book of revelation provides information about the title, authors, date of writing, chronology, theme, theology, outline, a brief overview, and the chapters of the book of revelation. The author of the work identifies himself in the text as john and says that he was on patmos, an island in the aegean, when he was instructed by a heavenly figure to write. The book of revelation audio book preaching beyond words. Unlike many other books on end time prophecy, this is a simple, easy to read commentary. Dec 17, 2012 bbc cnn aljazeera reuters afp natanyahu lieberman nazi nationalist zionist gazan siege holocaust apartheid msnbc fox viva brian williams nightly osama bin laden alqaeda foia twin towers nwo new. Breakthroughs in the fields of physics, technology, and biology led chuck missler to record this wonderful study in genesis. The final book of the holy scriptures describes a dramatic, often terrifying vision by john, who may or may not have been the same john who was an apostle to jesus christ. This single lecture deals with the hermeneutical framework of the book of revelation, to help you draw outu00a0the meaning of the book in its day and in ours. G if ts, oce and t hepera on of t new testamen church. For the best experience please update your browser.

The one thing every christian should be doing but most are not. Revelation explained, part 1 listen to revelation explained, part 2 regarded as one of the leading exponents of the book of revelation, dr andrew corbett in this 4 part series on the book of revelation presented as a seminar is now available as a 4 audio cd set. John, apocalyptic literature the book of revelation is one of the most controversial and difficult books of the bible. Pack staggering events foretold in your bible will shock the whole world. This revelation was given to him by god the father. This very powerful and dynamic teachingtool on the book of revelation shines a light on the symbolism and the mysteries of god.

There are no long drawnout theories or doctrines, but instead focuses on the clues given throughout the bible and facts from current events and history. The apocalypse, or revelation to john, the last book of the bible, is one of the most difficult to understand because it abounds in unfamiliar and extravagant symbolism, which at best appears unusual to the modern reader. Chris white ministries by puhade taevassevotmine enne saatana hirmuvalitsuse algust. At the book of revelation explained page we talk about the book of revelation can be a blessing and encouragement for followers of. This commentary has been through advanced checking. It is a survival manual, explaining how to survive when the world is against you. The book of revelation endtime ministries irvin baxter. The book of revelation and work bible commentary theology. If you want to better understand the book of revelation and the end times. Jan 09, 2006 no book from the bible is more controversial than the book of revelation, the last book and the only apocalypse book of the new testament. The book of revelation provides some of the keenest insights in scripture concerning the big picture of work. What this book reveals or unveils is jesus christ in glory.

The largest and most trusted library of over 1,903,000 free sermons from conservative christian churches and ministries worldwide. Symbolic language, however, is one of the chief characteristics of apocalyptic literature, of which this book is an. Hahn demonstrates why this littlestudied book contains many of the keys to understanding the gospels. This style of writing results in language that is highly pseudonymous and rich in symbolic imagery, and.

He explains that, for those students willing to examine the historical background to the new testament, the book of revelation actually summarizes the central doctrines of faith. Four times the author identifies himself as john 1. Jun 17, 2018 the book of revelation explained takes you on a easy to understand and eyeopening journey through the book of revelation. It is here to help christians to survive in a hostile world, and that is how we need to study. Great prophecies in the book of revelation show how and when these catastrophic events will occur. This bible study was recorded in 2008 please excuse the video quality. The book of revelation explained volume 3 p reface you will noti ce th at the b ook of reve lation e xplained, volume 3, begins with chapter 8, not chapter 1, and ends at the conclusion of chapter 11. Revelation is apocalyptic, a kind of writing that is highly symbolic. The book of revelation audio book one of the most extensive and indepth commentaries ever written by cecil j. The book of revelation explained in under 5 minutes youtube. Faithful audio commentary on the book of revelation, the. The book of revelation audio includes study across scripture related to the book of revelation, the second coming and end times bible prophecy.

He made it known by sending his angel to his servant john, 2 who testifies to everything he sawthat is, the word of god and the testimony of jesus christ. This booklet contains vital understanding that will forever change your outlook on the future. Explore the book of revelation virtually with the book of revelation interactive virtual map at. Youre already logged in with your bible gateway account. The book of revelation kjv audio bible full by alexander. Bbc cnn aljazeera reuters afp natanyahu lieberman nazi nationalist zionist gazan siege holocaust apartheid msnbc fox viva brian williams nightly osama bin laden alqaeda foia twin towers nwo new. The book of revelation explained takes you on a easy to understand and eyeopening journey through the book of revelation. And many religious people believe that the book of revelation offers no help anyway, because it cannot be understood. May 05, 2014 the book of revelation, often known simply as revelation or the apocalypse, is the final book of the bible and is the only purely apocalyptic book in the new testament. Book of revelation explained scripture by scripture. Yet it is a tough nut to crack, not only because of its intrinsic difficulty but because of the myriad interpretations that have grown up around the book. A word list at the end explains words with a star by them. Audio verse by verse classroom study of the book of revelation with class camaraderie and great artwork.

Irvin baxter explains revelation in a 16 lesson commentary available on dvd in our endtime store. Revelation is taught verse by verse through the scripture in johns book of revelation. Authors of an apocalypse were given a revelation in a vision and passed it on in writing, a style that was not uncommon at the time the book was written. The book of revelation explained volume 4 other publications by the author dan iel and rev at on texts exam ned depressi on did j esu d c nd i to h ll. An easyenglish bible version and commentary 2800 word vocabulary on the book of revelation. Details of endtimes, the seven churches, the tribulation, rapture, beasts, antichrist, mark of the beast, seals, bowls, trumpets, the return of jesus christ, millennium, satan being bound, great white throne judgment, new jerusalem and more are the subject of this online bible teaching. Revelation the book of revelation taught verse by verse. Explains how revelations context and setting can help us understand its original meaning and apply its message to our own lives in the. It is, of course, the cryptic symbolism of revelation that makes it challenging to understand. Have you ever wanted clear insight in understanding the book of revelation. Gary mcdade takes the viewer through a chapter by chapter study of the book of revelation, which is sometimes difficult to understand because of the symbols and apocalyptic literature. The churches to whom it was first written didnt have the luxury of doing that.

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